Fly rod Vision Vipu

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Fly rod Vision Vipu
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Fly rods, like all the other fishing poles, belong to Class 3 levers. In Class 3 levers, the effort (input force from your well-trained biceps and triceps) is closer to the fulcrum (your bony elbow) than the output force (the thing needed to move your fly line). This class includes levers, which will produce with relatively small movements at the other end (your hand), large movements with good speed at the other end of the lever (the tip of your rod).

Based on the above basic physics, we think that Vipu (lever in English) is a great name for our new rod series - when you are casting with these rods, your fly is disappearing to the horizon with rather respectable speed. These 4 piece dark brown rods have clearly medium fast action, which will make them good all-rounders for almost every imaginable situation. Bright yellow screen fits in nicely and the result is an exceptionally harmonic outlook. Lighter class rods have reddish-brown (tiger stripes) wooden reel seats and heavier classes have black metallic reel seats. The handles are either half wells or full wells depending naturally on the line class of the rod. Heavier rods have small fighting butts in case something colossal happens to grab your fly. One can easily claim that in Vipu series a classical outlook and a very easy casting functionality have been successfully wrapped in a same neat package. It is a package which on top of everything else is almost ridiculously cheap. The full series includes seven four-piece rods and they are delivered in protective brown colored cordura tubes. There might some truth in those comments, that we really don’t know how to put proper price tags on our rods - Vipu rods are that cheap.

Line# Lenght
3 7'6"
4 8'
5 8'5"
5 9'
6 9'
7 9'6"
7 10'


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