Fly Reel Galvan Grip

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Grip fly reels are designed for those that desire a fully sealed drag system for the most extreme conditions. They have the same heavy duty, clean cut construction that Torque and Rush series reels have become known for, only with a few sweet additions.

To start, 2 Hybrid ceramic ball bearings and even more carbon fiber have been incorporated, adding to the silky smooth drag that all Galvan users are accustomed to. A watertight, easy to access hub has also been added encasing the entire drag system, leaving only anodized aluminum exposed to the elements. The new quick turn knob allows for a super quick spool release as well as easy access to the Drag System, and the Monster grip handle provides assured accessibility.

Product Specifications
Colors : Clear and Blue.

Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight(oz.) Line Weights Line Capacity Yards Backing
G-8 (4.0) 1.25" 07.Aug 8 WF-8-F 200yds (20 lb)
G-10 (4.25) 1.35" 08.Jul 10 WF-10-F 250yds (30 lb)
G-12 (4.5) 1.35" 09.Mai 12 WF-12-F 300yds (30 lb)