RST M5 sle plus Fly 270 cm 9 ´ flyline 5/6

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RST M5 sle plus Fly 270 cm 9 ´ flyline 5/6
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RST M5 sle plus, a series of travel six-piece rods that are second to none
Ten models for a true dream to fishing

Self loading energy RST has worked long and hard on developing, testing and evaluating this series of rods. These rods will hardly be topped by anybody in the world. The name of these rods are RST M5 SLE Unfortunately this creation will be a limited edition only, since each single rod is produced with the highest possible effort, manufactured from the finest materials available. The unmistakable mark of each RST M5 sle is it´s self loading dynamics when casting. The SLE advantage lets you perform all casts precisely, this allows you to hit the target with least possible effort. The advantage With minimal use of your muscles you achieve the best power development. This is due to self loading particular dynamics. Self Loading Energy is a characteristic of revolutionary fibres and manufacturing technology and with the greatest attention to detail during the production of these blanks. What is M5 sle? In a nutshell: a M5 sle rod is nothing else than the copy of a human upper arm. By this a way is found to design a rod which develops its own specific dynamics. In other words this rod is capable to develop an optimum of power with least effort. No matter if you cast or drill a fish, the steady parabolic action will never get lost.

How is this achieved? On to a calculated, basic cut, wafer-thin so called "pre-pregs" are laid in various, exactly calculated angles, depending on the application of the rod. This very costly work can only be done by hand and can last for several hours. It is worth the effort, when you take the rod into your hand you will see and feel what is

achievable through this special process.

  • Best power development with least effort of muscle.
  • Light manufacturing through least possible use of resin.
  • High resistance against outer force on blank.
  • Significant higher resistance against breakage
  • Optimal development of action due to inertia calculation
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